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The Company´s Story

Year 1976:  were dedicated to the distribution of textile products, sending fabrics to furniture and bed manufacturers, observing the needs of the market.

Year 1990: Tthe idea of starting the company Esponjas, S. A. arose, creating a manufacturing facility of flexible plastic polyurethane foam. Our vision was to provide our customers with the complete raw material necessary to manufacture beds and furniture. Therefrom came our slogan: All you need to manufacture long-lasting beds and furniture.

Year 1997: We decided to create the brand Espocel, when the increasing competition leads us to place our brand of quality in our foams, as well as the quality seal, thanks to the utilization of high quality raw material.

Year 2000: As a visionary company, we distribute our range of products in Central America and the Caribbean. Our vision always has been to grow with our customers, providing them the components for the manufacturing of beds and furniture, and not to manufacture them ourselves or to become their competitors.

Year 2001: With the support of our manpower, we decided to restructure our facilities and to move to our new current address in San José Villa Nueva. This change represented for us as a visionary company, new machines for new processes.

Year 2002: We started to work in the spring industry, manufacturing bonell type spring structures for beds, and zig-zag (selfa) springs for furniture. Afterwards we started to work in the automotive industry.

Corte de esponja tipo cilindro
Corte de esponja en capas

Year 2003: We commercialized fabrics, non-woven linens, staples, tools and assembling machinery, in order to close the manufacturing cycle.

Year 2004: We implemented the plastic industry, creating the manufacturing of plastic legs and corners.

Year 2007: We were integrated to the textile industry, creating non-woven felts, which are utilized to protect the springs, working as an isolator of the foam. In our journey we have learned more and more every day of the bed and furniture manufacturing processes, acquiring high quality machinery and competent personnel to provide the service and product that our customers deserve.


To help to create new companies in the market which at the same time may provide jobs, helping in this manner to reach the growth of our region. To implement in our company the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, compromise, humility, personal relationships with our co-workers, customers, suppliers, creditors and friends.


To be the greatest and most important raw material service provider for bed and furniture manufacturers, innovating every day our products, quality and service.

Central American Product, made in Guatemala